Professor Tutweiller’s Orb

For most of the two centuries of its existence, the small town of Munjoy, New Hampshire, was a fairly typical town. True, like most towns large and small, it had its share of unusual characters and peculiar incidents from time to time, some of them even of the mind-boggling […]

Image by Jared Tarbell


By Cover of Darkness

The steaming locomotive snaked out of the ancient city of Tirgoviste, through the mountains of Transylvania, bound for Castle Dracul. It was now slowly chugging its way up the pass at Bran. Charles Banfield peered through the rapidly misting glass windowpane. A dark, thick, gloom fell heavily on the […]

My Idiot Lights

Oh, crap! I stare up unseeing at the ceiling. Some gadget in the room throws up a rainbow of luminescent color onto the ceiling in the dark. Vaguely I register the way the colors chase each other; green, then pale blue then yellow. The colors that from now on […]


Fall Story Contest–$300 in Prizes

$300 in Prizes First 25 Entrants Get a Free Critique Everyone Gets Published     Fall Story Contest Trick or Treat! The seasonal theme for our fall contest has two sides–Will your characters get a trick or a treat? Will your readers? Some tricks are terrible, but others are fun. […]

Planet of the Greens

Planet of the Greens is preparing for a fierce war. Throughout the last millennium, peace and stability was ruling and now it is on the way to being broken. the Light Greens were considered as second-class citizens for centuries and that led them to rise against the ruling class–the […]



The End

Everything stopped today … everything. Everything was normal, kids playing on the playground. People chatting over coffee at the cafe. People coming home from work. Everything was normal. Until it stopped. No warning, no clue, no one knew, it just stopped. The world stopped. It was beautiful. Terrifying, scary, […]


You died on Saturday. It’s Wednesday now and I’m tired. Rheumatism in my hands is making them ache in that place you used to rub cream in when it was really bad. I don’t bother with the cream this morning. This morning I hold onto the pain; clutching it […]




At this point, I’m not sure which is more likely to be the death of me: the four-armed carnivorous beasts that roam the frozen tundra around our settlement, or the boredom. Granted, the yetis are fairly terrifying with their immense strength, serrated blade-like teeth, and thirst for human flesh, […]


“Come on, honey,” she said, tugging my arm forward. I pulled back, not wanting to lose sight of the seagull I had been watching for the last two minutes. It hopped around, crossing over my trail of small footprints, and dug its beak into the sand before pulling out […]



A Sinner’s Grace

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.” Tears streamed her cheeks, she was unable to conceal the sobs any longer. For in truth, she did not seek forgiveness. She only sought to fill the void left within her, a piece was stolen from her as blindly as though it […]

Lonely Explorers

Earth The radio waves ran fingers curiously along the struts that thrust skyward for them, caressed the wires that guided them in, kissed the gentle curves that reached up to wrap around them. They had travelled for five hundred years to feel an embrace like this, this welcome from […]



The Wish Man

They were fighting again. Adam put his hands over his ears as the screams downstairs collided. Something broke. He heard his mother crying. The front door slammed. Adam ran to the window and watched as his father got into the old Ford in the driveway and screeched out. He […]

Hold Me Fast and Fear Me Not

At 2 a.m. on a December night choked with fog, Lucia Blackpool tells me she is cursed. I’m half asleep and it doesn’t make sense. But I force my eyes open and Lucia is propped up on her elbow beside me, whispering. We’ve been seeing each other now for […]


Writers, Here’s a Great Short Story Resource (Free!)

Joe Bunting, creator of The Write Practice and Becoming Writer (which we have partnered with for our writing contests), has released an awesome new resource for writers: THE Guide to Winning Writing Contests I’m very proud to be featured in this ebook, along with Glimmer Train editor Linda Swanson-Davies, sharing what […]

Summer Hiatus

Throughout the month of July, wordhaus is taking a summer hiatus. We will be back with more awesome stories for you in August! In the meantime, please enjoy our recent contest winners and submissions, and our story archives.