What Love Might Be 1

So when do you know it’s love? Is it when he brings a dozen red roses to your job, serenades you in front of a room full of people? Is it when he places a ring on your finger so big you have to hold up one hand with […]

romance short story

The Rout of Polikar by Patrick J. Stoner

The Rout of Polikar 1

“Jalimek, come in here. Now,” Captain-Colonel Polikar said into the communicator sitting on his large and elaborately carved desk.

The Rout of Polikar by Patrick J. StonerAlmost immediately, the door opened and Jalimek shuffled in, his grey one-piece jumpsuit crumpled and grubby.

“Yes sir, how may I be of assistance?” The Bellachi kept his eyes lowered, trying not to appear nervous. Polikar looked at the creature with disgust. Bellachi were scum in their natural form, but from the lightness of the hair, this thing obviously had Nel blood. He shuddered at the vision of a Nel and a Bellachi mating.

Darkness: A Killer’s Best Friend

Carly Benjamin worked in a shoe store. She always loved taking care of her shoes and she took good care of them. She was great at her job because she couldn’t differentiate between her own and the ones she sold. Her boss, Mrs. Evelyn, loved her. She was rather […]


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While the River Sweats

Indigo, like the long walks back to the cave, marched heavy on the evening as it approached the twilight shuddering along with a tepid uncertainty. Naked bodies covered with shades of fading brilliance, the minuscule intricacies of gray and shifting sequences of primary colors within the rainbow, all refracting […]

Sticks and Stones

War is nothing like my memories. Then again the only war in my past life was what I read or watched. We Archi stand tall as waves of the enemy crash around us. The clash of metal fills the air, broken only by screams of pain and the rending […]

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horror short story

Bedroom Eyes 1

No one looked up when he left work on Friday afternoon. They never did. He walked home that night; better than being squashed onto a malodorous bus with what seemed like the entire city. “I’m home!” Without waiting for a reply he went to the kitchen and poured himself an […]