Fit for a King

The Young King’s cloaks were slightly too small for him. It was amusing, thought Jack, as he lounged against his chair. It was normal, since the Young King didn’t have access to any of the kingdom’s funds until he was officially crowned High King, and usually by the end […]

fantasy short story

A Tragic Accident

Olivia felt sick with worry. Something awful had happened. She just didn’t know what. She’d called the police. Oh, what they must have thought of her. A lonely old woman in a wheelchair, imagining the worst. Kidnapping or murder. Or at least a horrible accident, for goodness sakes! All […]

Bison Grass

Smoking isn’t allowed in bars any longer in Los Angeles. So when I go to the Russian House, a kitschy Soviet themed bar in West Hollywood, to reminisce, it isn’t exactly the same as my memories. Still, I get to read the elegant Cyrillic alphabet with longing and hear patches […]

romance short story

science fiction short story

Full Circle 1

Friday, August 24 Jack Bloom barged into his one-bedroom studio and closed the door behind him with trembling hands. Why wasn’t she answering? She picked the worst time to be off the grid. Jack pulled his cell out of his pocket and looked at it. Nothing. The friend finder […]

Like Father, Like Son 3

It never occurred to Juliana there could be twins in there. “What is that thing?” she screamed, blinking away the spate of her tears. The pale, dead fetus they pulled from her was small and gray. Shrouded in a light fur, with snaking veins visible beneath thin, wet-paper skin, […]

horror short story

romance short story

The Girl Who Loved Me

They sat at a small table, two glasses of Marsala between them. “I’m so sorry, My grandmother forgot to tell me your name,” Remy said. “Samantha. My friends call me Sammy.” “It’s so nice to meet you Sammy.” “I know of you, Remy LaBeouf, you write mystery books.” “Yes, […]