Bamboo Cutter

Then what are You, having no Chaos found To make a World, or any such least ground —William Newcastle    The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new —Samuel Beckett   On Tuesdays, Watt would go to the bank and buy $30 in rolled pennies, so he was sure it was […]

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Good Men 2

She is waiting at the kitchen table. He’ll be home any minute now. The fingernails on her left hand have been gnawed down to flesh-colored nubs, and the glass of water she poured about an hour ago to settle her stomach is untouched. She has been thinking, back and […]

A Contest Where Every Writer Gets Published

Not Your Average Writing Contest Wordhaus is excited to partner with The Write Practice and its Becoming Writer community this month to bring you a different kind of writing contest … the kind where every writer gets published. Awesome! Sign me up now.   How It Works We believe […]

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As Night Falls 2

Sunset used to be my favorite time of day. I loved the color show the sky put on for us, each day a new surprise. But the new rules in our small town made it hard to enjoy anymore. Sunset took on an ominous reminder of the uncertainty of […]

A Sure Thing

Charlie’s sweaty palm clutched a thick wad of banknotes. He shuffled along with the other punters, his brow furrowed, willing the line to move faster. Come on, come on. Charlie suddenly found himself pushed up against the counter, the iron bars separating him from the cashier. “About time.” Charlie placed […]

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The Café

The sound of nylon rubbing against nylon is both subtle and distinct. But thinking of the sound coming from a woman’s legs encased in nylon stockings, that sound can be electrifying. Marcus sat hunched forward playing with his Blackberry. The company had made it standard issue for all employees, […]