The Greatest Sleep

It’s not that I don’t remember anything. There was nothing. Truly, nothing. No space, no time, no me. No light and no darkness. But after the awakening, I knew my reason for existing. It was instant—like a switch had been flicked. I was manufactured into existence for one reason. And […]

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My wife Octavia was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes upon. Her eyes were dark and serious, and her hair was a cascade of lush sable curls. She came from a family of modest means. Her father’s side was of good English stock, and her mother was of […]

Smiles and Seconds 1

‘Entangled in your arms Hands and legs everywhere and around Deep breathing and peaceful smiles Oh can’t I get another cuddle?’  You write. “What are you doing?”  Your stepmother’s angry alter ego yells, disrupting your sanguine thoughts. You must have forgotten to do yet another chore. Or, it is […]

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A Twist on a Classic Tale

Humans have always marveled at the mysteries of the sea. They’ve yet to find its true beauty. For beyond the layer of thin white sea foam that lingers above on the surface, past the vale of the deep blue color that paints the waters, onward through the colorful coral […]


thriller/horror short story

Plumber’s Luck

Keith Summers sat staring at the television, not really noticing what was on. To him it was all static, a barrage of meaningless drivel spouting from someplace far away. He was too lost in his daydreams to notice the real world around him. There was a time when Keith […]

Agony in Ecstacy

He kissed her lips gently before rolling over onto his back and tucking his arm under her neck. “That was great. You’re great,” he said. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Lying in that bed, everything felt amazing to April. She and Justin didn’t have the best […]


science fiction short story


She was too tired to stand up. She had slept for only two hours after studying for her exams. “Coffee,” she mumbled to herself as she sat up in bed. “I need coffee.” Lola stumbled down the stairs to the bottom floor of her dorm. She wished that the […]

The Man in the Field

His breath fogged the chilled glass door as he leaned against it to have a look outside. Raindrops spiraled down the pane in patterns, clearing it just enough to see his fading reflection. A face with gutted eye sockets stared back at him. He pressed his body closer to […]

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romance short story francesco capra

The Look 1

I don’t quite know what exactly it is about her that I find so fascinating; maybe it’s the way her golden curls fall across her face, or how radiant she glows when she smiles, or how friendly her gentle voice sounds. Maybe it’s some combination of the three. Whatever […]

Half Life

The sea rippled a throbbing blue in front of the man’s eyes. He realized he was awake although couldn’t actually remember being asleep. As his vision stabilized he realized the blue sea was merely the color of the curtains in the room—a room he didn’t recognize at all. His […]

science fiction short story

thriller short story

The Liar

In the past twenty-four hours, I have convinced various people that I am a fireman, that I make my own shoes, that I am a qualified pilot, that my middle name is Wenceslas, and that I have an inoperable brain tumor. Only one of these things is true. This […]


“Please, sir, I must see the princess.” “No! I am the captain of the king’s guard. You know the law. The princess is confined to her castle and these fields. Except for once a week, she is allowed to take a walk through the streets.” “Of course, sir. And […]

romance short story

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Now Hiring Section Editors–Apply by August 1

Digital short story publication wordhaus is accepting applications for section editors to lead genre story selections–Apply by August 1.

And Then There Were Two 1

I pump my arms hard, running as fast as I can. I push myself to the breaking point, but I run on. My feet hit the ground again and again, almost tripping over loose rocks and tangled roots. You can make it. I don’t think I can, but I […]

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