The wordhaus Era is Ending

wordhaus has been a blast, but the time has come for it to end, as it has proven to be unsustainable. The website itself will stay live until December 2017, to give authors ample time to capture their published work from the site. It’s been a joy sharing great […]


Eternal Return

                        Awake, I pulled my quilt back, the 5:24 A.M. light from the lampposts still flooding my room, as if to highlight my failure to sleep. It wasn’t as if I had been trying that long—I’d come back from the […]


Under a dome of moons and stars, the elves’ delight was as inebriating to the soul as a glass of the sweetest of wines. Their charming voices traveled through trees of golden crowns and a carpet of lush, green grass, weaving spells of hypnotic allure, and guiding his mind […]



Mexican Vanilla

Bowie Freeman was kidnapped by aliens on a Monday. He hated Mondays. He felt this was the only civilized attitude toward a day so far from the next Saturday. It had obviously been a bad idea to put seven days in the week to begin with. One of them […]

Top Prize: Waiting

By Alyssa Dennis Ten more minutes, then I can go to bed. I glanced back down at the book I was reading. I had been re-reading the same page again and again. I had promised Matty that he could be out until 9pm. Not a minute later. He was so […]

Best in Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Milk & Honey

By Jamie Maier She took a step forward, her feet crunching the leaves on the sidewalk. Slowly, slowly. Don’t look up, she thought. A cold wind whipped around the edge of the building. She shivered in the damp, early morning air. It was late fall, and the dreary grayness […]

Best in Thriller/Horror: The One Who Answers the Door

By Christa Carmen Harley Quinn reached for Zombie-Elsa’s long blonde braid and tugged it, her smile impish. “Quit it.” Zombie-Elsa adjusted her wig in the mirror. “You’re on Mom’s bad side for your slutty costume, don’t push your luck.” “It’s not slutty,” Harley said, surveying her appearance. “It’s true […]

Best in Romance: Dark Chocolate

By Klara Pokrzywa The house next door is handing out candy, and so Cali stops there on the way to Miranda’s party. She’s really too old for trick-or-treating, but her sweet tooth won’t let her pass up the opportunity when she’s running early anyway. The boy with the bruise-blue eyes […]

Green Men vs Green Acres

By Susan Williamson I had thrown the last bale of hay from the loft onto the truck bed and climbed down the ladder, hoping to beat the storm thundering in the distance. I jumped in the truck and shifted to reverse, giving it a little gas so I wouldn’t spin […]

Angel in the Apple Tree

By Carolyn Toms-Neary His sour odor washed over me until my guts shriveled and my soul screamed. His cruel demanding fingers dug into my face. “Look me in the eye, Branca. Look at me! Say it! Tell your daddy how much you love him.” He wasn’t my father. My dad […]

Hyena Halloween

By Tovia Gehl It wasn’t often Ally let her beast out. Her world was populated by the werewolf bros, the charismatic sorcerers, the witch academics. They were on top of everything. The elite, the powerful, and the beautiful. A werehyena couldn’t challenge them. She was a tattered mess of […]

The Dark Planet

By Miranda Ray “Everyone present and accounted for?” Wolfman asked. The crew of the Calavera stood assembled in the loading dock of their decommissioned war vessel. The captain went down the line of familiar faces, surveying his operatives as he always did before a critical mission. There was Specter, […]

Memoria Aeterna

By Guillermo M. Dorado I’ve slithered my way in. Slipped passed unbeknownst amongst the dead. They wander listlessly single-file into the skeletal beast’s gaping maw. Gold encrusts its guts enchanting the masses as they walk towards demise. I’ve disguised myself as one of them. Infiltrating the hordes of the […]


By Maria van Straaten Bones cracked. Abnormal molars tore the human flesh. The skinny being with a protruding stomach, bright pink flesh and extraordinary long limbs turned to face the officers. With everyone frozen with fear, Anderson had a plan. “Grab it!” ordered Anderson as the figure pounced close to […]

The Roundabout Abduction

By J. James Beaudoin The classification of a planet and its constituents begins as it should end: with the application of the scientific method. This was obvious to any sentience with higher-brain function, as only bullies and the absent-minded would walk up to a hornet’s nest and swat it. More […]