Presence of the Midnight Hound

The Midnight Hound came to me well after I had drifted into the warm embrace of my dreams. Though the soft radiance of the starry midnight sky was strong, it was the sound of scratching at my door, as well as a short bark, that ultimately woke me. I […]


ice cream

Don’t See It, Feel It

‘’Living is easy with eyes closed.’’ — John Lennon I sat at the bar as I gulped the vodka that was left in the glass. The fiery liquid hurt my throat, but it didn’t really matter. I was rejected yet another time. I wanted to write, in newspapers or […]

Introducing wordhaus Book Club

Hey there story lovers– Want even more great stories? Who are we kidding, of course you do. So do we. That’s why we’re introducing wordhaus Book Club. In this new club, you’ll enjoy great new fiction in the wordhaus genres you love, hand-picked by me, your friendly wordhaus editor. I’ve found […]

science fiction short story

Last Orders

And I looked and behold, a pale horse And his name that sat on him was Death And Hell followed with him. –Revelation 6:8 “Time at the bar, gentlemen!” Gary rang the bell, signaling closing time at the Pale Horse. He loved to ring the bell–it was his nightly […]

The Scar

Darla Jenkins wiped the tears from her eyes on the hand towel she found next to the sink. She glanced at her reflection, then quickly looked away, feeling a burning sensation from the scar that ran down her right cheek. “Darla, are you okay?” It was Kip’s voice on […]

thriller short story


Sinner 1

It was a Friday they set to hang Johnny Romans. The moon was out past midnight like me, winkin’ down from the sky like he was in on the joke of life. His light made me blush. Hanging white and bare that way seemed indecent to me; like he […]

A Villian’s Intentions Torn

Philippe smirked. For years they had sought him in vain, and none had found him. They may have destroyed his shadow dancers all those years ago and made sure none could be brought to life again, but there were other ways of obtaining power. He wasn’t concerned. He would […]

fantasy short story

Joining the Sheep

Joining the Sheep 1

Jason Simmons despised the working class sheep that he was soon to become. He had already taken the first step toward his transformation at six in the morning that grey dreadful October day. He had trimmed his beard, styled his hair, and donned the atrocious clown suit that his mother had […]

Writer’s Block

The letter sat on the hall table, propped up against the statue of The Boy with the Birds. I saw it as soon as I opened the front door. I knew, of course, who had written the letter and what its contents might be. I hesitated, closed the door, […]

gay romance short story

science fiction short story

The Greatest Sleep 1

It’s not that I don’t remember anything. There was nothing. Truly, nothing. No space, no time, no me. No light and no darkness. But after the awakening, I knew my reason for existing. It was instant—like a switch had been flicked. I was manufactured into existence for one reason. And […]


My wife Octavia was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes upon. Her eyes were dark and serious, and her hair was a cascade of lush sable curls. She came from a family of modest means. Her father’s side was of good English stock, and her mother was of […]


short story romance

Smiles and Seconds 1

‘Entangled in your arms Hands and legs everywhere and around Deep breathing and peaceful smiles Oh can’t I get another cuddle?’  You write. “What are you doing?”  Your stepmother’s angry alter ego yells, disrupting your sanguine thoughts. You must have forgotten to do yet another chore. Or, it is […]

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A Twist on a Classic Tale

Humans have always marveled at the mysteries of the sea. They’ve yet to find its true beauty. For beyond the layer of thin white sea foam that lingers above on the surface, past the vale of the deep blue color that paints the waters, onward through the colorful coral […]

Plumber’s Luck

Keith Summers sat staring at the television, not really noticing what was on. To him it was all static, a barrage of meaningless drivel spouting from someplace far away. He was too lost in his daydreams to notice the real world around him. There was a time when Keith […]

thriller/horror short story