Empty Witness

It’s happening again. That awful feeling I get. It’s been coming and going for the last couple of days. The feeling of the blues hits me like a ton of bricks. Everything seems bleak and gloomy. Like there’s an air of melancholy all around. I open my eyes a […]

horror short story

short story romance


“Run away with me.” Her pale blue eyes glistened in the fading sunlight, shimmering with hope and joy. Her childish tone and mellifluous voice washed over me, drawing me into the idea. The words she said could not be taken back, and our conversation snowballed before my eyes. “Run […]

Best in Show, First Place, Sci-Fi: The Change 2

The world has changed a lot since my father was a kid. He tells me the technology we rely on now was a lot more primitive back then. But when I feel baby Hunter kick inside my belly, I wonder why pregnancy hasn’t become any easier. I look down […]

becoming writer story contest

becoming writer story contest

First Place, Fantasy: The Walls

Part I Mel followed. A trembling sun cooked the yellow dirt under sandals and blurred the air so slogging bodies appeared as through warped glass, and Mel followed as she had always done. As they walked, they kept their eyes on the horizon where the walls seemed to meet, […]

First Place, Horror: Dark Mirror

The first time he was sent to the attic he was five. His mother was on the phone, red lips rounding and curling, forming words he did not understand. His cup was on the table, out of reach. He called to her; she turned her body away, pressing a […]

becoming writer story contest

becoming writer story contest

First Place, Thriller: Dirty Little Secret

The dark hole seemed to fill with water as quickly as he dug. His salty tears intermingled with the rain streaming down his face. The night was silent except for the slicing sound of the shovel as it hit the wet dirt – the wet dirt that smelled musky […]

First Place, Romance: What She Saw

She rested her chin in her hand and gazed at him across the table. As usual, he was eating wheat toast and a banana with a cup of black coffee. Her own coffee was untouched. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and watched him eat. There […]

becoming writer story contest

becoming writer story contest

Second Place, Sci-Fi: The Escape

Claws ticked against concrete tile. Lungs still not quite attuned to the atmosphere heaved in exertion as alarms blared, reverberating off cinderblock walls. Crimson lights flashed off and on in a rhythm that was surely designed to cause panic. Sh’kath wasn’t sure how long he had, but knew he […]

Second Place, Fantasy: Fall

“Not another step.” Michael’s fingers curled around his sword. His wings unfurled, feathers alight with flame. His golden breastplate rose and fell. “What are you doing, brother?” Lucifer froze on the translucent steps, a heartbeat from the throne. His face was a collection of strong angles covered with flawless, […]

becoming writer story contest

becoming writer story contest

Second Place, Horror: That Was the Day

It was the summer after second grade, and I had just turned eight. That made the year 1953. Back then, things were very different than they are now. No one locked their doors, or their cars, even when they left the house. Kids could play in the streets without […]

Second Place, Thriller: Know Your Enemy

A single shot was fired through a pillow, sending white feathers through the air. It struck flesh, causing Alex to fall backward. Blood stained the newly painted white wall. The silhouette of a man inched across the shiny new wooden floor. Alex moved into the adjacent kitchen, retrieving his […]

becoming writer story contest

becoming writer story contest

Second Place, Romance: Choosing to Live

“Remember your family, Ajaruva.” She hung up the phone and felt drained. Or was it relieved? She could no longer tell. Either way, the weekly ritual was over. Six days of freedom remained until the next call. But was it really freedom when so much dread lay in wait? […]

Third Place, Sci-Fi: No Mercy

Slavery was worse than he’d ever imagined. He’d seen the concept in the humans’ minds, in their history books and thousands of cultures. He’d encountered the word in their many dictionaries and numerous languages (baffling to him and his brethren, who had never spoken a word out loud until […]

becoming writer story contest

becoming writer story contest

Third Place, Fantasy: The Caul

Ashling stumbled out of bed, tripping over some half read books on the floor.  Morning always felt like night in her one bedroom apartment because her only window faced the brick wall of the adjacent building. Sleepily, she dragged herself into the shower, dressed, ate a makeshift breakfast and […]

Third Place, Horror: A Light Goes Out

It was 3 a.m., and Derek was wide-eyed awake in bed. He’d been thinking for hours, or so he thought; minutes could feel like hours in the dead of night. Derek had his mind to keep him company in his sleeplessness, but thinking too long often left him uneasy, […]

becoming writer story contest