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romance short storiesROMANCE
Hellooo dark tall beautiful stranger–care to get lost together in a tale of cyberlove?

Boo  |  C.M. Pletan
All I wanted was for it to last long enough—for all of the words on all of the pages we wrote back and forth—to finally be summed up in eight letters. I just wanted the chance to say, “I love you” … read on

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sci-fi/fantasy short storySCI-FI/FANTASY
Launch into warp drive & dive into daring adventures in galaxies far, far away.

The Words He Already Knew Allen Kopp
Mrs. Persephone Churney was determined to be a good housekeeper. In the twenty-five years of her married life, it was what she did best … read on

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mystery stories / thriller storiesTHRILLER/HORROR
Eep, what was that sound? Just the wind, you say?

The Watcher | J.H. Soeder
It’s a lonesome thing to sit in a car, night after night, tailing this guy. And I gotta tell you, the street he lives on is creepy; high, fenced-in houses, bad street lighting (at least three of the five sodium lights are flickering) … read on

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