A Sinner’s Grace

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.” Tears streamed her cheeks, she was unable to conceal the sobs any longer. For in truth, she did not seek forgiveness. She only sought to fill the void left within her, a piece was stolen from her as blindly as though it […]



Lonely Explorers

Earth The radio waves ran fingers curiously along the struts that thrust skyward for them, caressed the wires that guided them in, kissed the gentle curves that reached up to wrap around them. They had travelled for five hundred years to feel an embrace like this, this welcome from […]

The Wish Man

They were fighting again. Adam put his hands over his ears as the screams downstairs collided. Something broke. He heard his mother crying. The front door slammed. Adam ran to the window and watched as his father got into the old Ford in the driveway and screeched out. He […]



Hold Me Fast and Fear Me Not

At 2 a.m. on a December night choked with fog, Lucia Blackpool tells me she is cursed. I’m half asleep and it doesn’t make sense. But I force my eyes open and Lucia is propped up on her elbow beside me, whispering. We’ve been seeing each other now for […]

Writers, Here’s a Great Short Story Resource (Free!)

Joe Bunting, creator of The Write Practice and Becoming Writer (which we have partnered with for our writing contests), has released an awesome new resource for writers: THE Guide to Winning Writing Contests I’m very proud to be featured in this ebook, along with Glimmer Train editor Linda Swanson-Davies, sharing what […]

Summer Hiatus

Throughout the month of July, wordhaus is taking a summer hiatus. We will be back with more awesome stories for you in August! In the meantime, please enjoy our recent contest winners and submissions, and our story archives.

Bad Behavior

“We’re not the ones hurting you, Ardis,” Councillor Shiteater told me at my last ‘check up’, while my bloodless fingers clawed at the chain digging into my throat. “It’s your own behavior that’s hurting you.” I massage my neck, my throat convulsing at the memory. The bruise is still […]




I can’t seem to control myself. There is an urge that needs to be met and only one way to do it.  I sit at the coffee shop between Hollywood and Vine. A quaint little place with vintage seating and the right amount of smooth jazz to calm the […]

First Place: Run 4

By Maia Thomlinson Run. Run. Run. As light bleeds into this endless plane, I run towards the rising sun. I run from destruction, from my own pounding heart. Gun shots fire. Still, I run. Pressed tight up against my chest, my baby brother whimpers. The tall grass grabs for his […]

Second Place: The Present 4

By DB Benningfield Earl stared down at the green mold atop the hard brown substance in his wife’s coffee cup. It had spread since three days ago – proving itself the most spirited life form in the house. Perhaps it would eventually smother everything within a week, himself included, and […]

Third Place: No Way Out

By Savannah Tripp “Pull the trigger. Pull it!” He screamed as he pushed the gun that was in the enemy’s hand harder against his own stomach. “I can’t!” his enemy screamed. “I can’t kill you!” “Why not?” No response. “Why not, Pierce? Am I too important to you? Are you […]

Three of a Kind

By Clay Cosby A five of diamonds and a seven of hearts. I’m inspecting my hand, figuratively, since the cards are animated on my five-year old MacBook’s monitor, under a heading with my name – Mark. I smile. There’s no risk giving a tell in blackjack. Especially not when you’re […]

An Ode to Innocence

By Laraya Billups “I am an invisible man, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” Ralph Waldo Ellison Invisible Man I was born a menace to society. The public quivers upon the sight of my murderous, alarming glare. Nothing good can come from my existence. I am a fiend. […]

The Nightengales

By Rana Roshdy When you have lost everything you’ve ever lived for, what reason is there to keep you breathing? For me, there was none. I lost my husband. Then, I lost my job, I had no will to live, let alone work. And, consequently, lost my house. I had […]

Final Ending

By Aubrey Easley “I want a life.” My legs gave out. My hand still on the glass pressed harder into it. I was shaking hard, I knew James would give his life, he would think he’s the only one allowed to do it. But it had to be me. The […]