Jeff Saves the World 2

I remember the beginning of the end of the world. It was a Saturday during November midterms, and Jeff still hadn’t done any of his work. I could see the papers sitting on his desk, scattered around and under his textbooks. At least a week’s backlog, maybe two. I’m not sure if […]



The Monk’s Ivory Cross

In a trance, he stared down the dark hole in the sink. For two years he had been in the mountains and he hated it. He grew up in a strict Roman Catholic family, but was never very religious himself. He held up the pretense of it, of course. […]

Meet Me Under the Clock at Waterloo

“When do you get to London? Can we meet? I’ll come down on the train.” Sarah smiled as she read Matt’s email. Eager and to the point. She appreciated a guy who played it straight. She’d sent him a note earlier that day, telling him she was taking a […]



Unspoken 1

Jeremiah’s lips were scarred with the words he never spoke, words that festered and oozed beyond the cracks of his silent mouth and dissolved into the humidity of the South Carolina air. Orphans poked at his tenuous frame with weapons they had engineered from fallen pines and grandfather oaks. They engaged him […]

I’ll Bury You In The Garden

I’ll bury you with the dog in the garden. “I could do it too,” George Henley thought to himself as he flicked the ash from his Turkish Royal. He could picture it now, as a dreary day just like the one last Thursday, and a crooked smile danced across […]


hot springs

The Rarity of Love 2

I could not help but reminisce about our old times. Sitting at his bedside, I still pictured the young, handsome face I fell in love with so many years ago. It seemed like an eternity had passed, yet at the same time, it could’ve been yesterday. Everyone told me […]

Alphabet Rain 1

Only children are allowed out during the rain. They can bring buckets or baskets, and wear gloves, even. But no adult may leave home, and if one steps off the porch, tries to catch a letter with a hand or mouth, then the whole family loses that year’s letters. […]




They were not hallucinations. Mara’s doctor had called them “visual distortions.” They made things seem to be other than what they were, but she knew the changes weren’t real, and if she took her medication tonight, it would all be okay by morning. Mara kept repeating this silent mantra, because now was […]

Nostalgia 2

Inside The Beehive, it smelled like grilled cheese, strong black coffee, French onion soup and melted marshmallows dusted with cinnamon. What a strange mix, Alec thought. He let his eyes wander on the street to the cars that flew by, to the people that rushed past the bistro, relentlessly […]

coffee scoop


The Sandman 3

His nails scraped against the glass, like the chill of winter shaking the tree twigs, as he peeked a pair of beady eyes above the windowsill of the orphanage. They were there, countless of them, lined in a row for the taking. A low cackle whispered through the night […]


Astrologists bought out NASA. Its affiliates rapidly languished in its shadow, like a toxoplasma rotting away in the guts of a starved street cat. I had just obtained my doctorate in astrophysics when, in the blink of an eclipse, reality was updated again. The paradigm spasmed. I was orbiting just the same […]

-A reverent, mythical story of supernatural beings who justify desperate measures in their quest to feel complete.- (1)


The Boy and the Rose 1

“You have never been in love?” he asked with a note of irony in his voice. “Why do you ask?” came the dulcet response. “Well, you’re a rose. You represent love. So, it’s odd that you’ve never been in love yourself’.” “Who says I haven’t?” the rose said defensively. […]


There once was a girl in a room. If you had loved him, would it have made any difference? Her prosecutors asked. Like a bowl of bubbling soup on a stove, the heat was starting to rise up inside her. “I don’t know,” She tried to tell them. “I’m […]



My Kristy

Samuel lay on his girlfriend’s mother’s bed with his girlfriend’s mother’s head in his lap. “What have I done?” A wave of guilt surged up inside him. It was a strange guilt, though–not the gut-wrenching, all consuming guilt that comes with a sense of knowing you’ve done horribly wrong. […]

A Somewhat Pointless Love

This is a story about love. I know that love has been written about so many times that even speaking of it is difficult without attaching a flock of cliches. I’m not saying that I’m any different. The only reason I’m writing this story is not because of me, […]