The Boy and the Rose 1

“You have never been in love?” he asked with a note of irony in his voice. “Why do you ask?” she dulcetly replied. “Well, you’re a rose. You represent love. So, it’s odd that you’ve never been in love yourself’.” “Who says I haven’t?” the rose said defensively. “I […]




There once was a girl in a room. If you had loved him, would it have made any difference? Her prosecutors asked. Like a bowl of bubbling soup on a stove, the heat was starting to rise up inside her. “I don’t know,” She tried to tell them. “I’m […]

My Kristy

Samuel lay on his girlfriend’s mother’s bed with his girlfriend’s mother’s head in his lap. “What have I done?” A wave of guilt surged up inside him. It was a strange guilt, though–not the gut-wrenching, all consuming guilt that comes with a sense of knowing you’ve done horribly wrong. […]



A Somewhat Pointless Love

This is a story about love. I know that love has been written about so many times that even speaking of it is difficult without attaching a flock of cliches. I’m not saying that I’m any different. The only reason I’m writing this story is not because of me, […]

All The Time He Saved 1

Ellis Clearfield had always been abnormally obsessed with saving time. As a kindergartner he insisted on Velcro sneakers and zipper jackets, rather than onerous laces and buttons. In elementary school he demanded his mother wrap his sandwich in tinfoil rather than plastic wrap, because the latter took longer to peel off. And should […]



The Box

The heavy wooden crate drifted sluggishly down through the murky brown water, bumping its way through the silt of the riverbed until it finally settled quietly in the mud. When it came to rest, the man inside lifted his bruised head, acutely aware of the pain in his shoulder […]

Sweet Gun Powder

She drove freely. The variation of yellows and blues decorated the sky, the rays showed the glint of the amber hues in her hazel eyes, the same hues that adorned the trees, blending in with the rusts and burnt oranges. The road glittered, the car’s engine purred softly, gliding […]



Diary of the Moon

27th, some year, somewhere, sometime. I was orbiting as always, as every day, as every night, as I have for centuries and will for centuries to come. Orbiting in a dark silence, where no voice is allowed. Darkness and rounded scary figures, tinted as though by a child who […]

Christmas Cookies 1

Last week, Wendy Martin died while I was baking Christmas cookies. I was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee when I saw Wendy go outside. The Martins live next door, and their backyard is visible from my kitchen. Normally, I close the kitchen shades when […]



Espionage: A Love Story 3

“Well … this is me,” I said, staring at the glitter on her lips. “And this is me,” my date said as she tilted her head to the door across the hall. I wonder if she kisses on the first date. She’s got to be amazing, I thought as […]

Hansel & Gretel: The Prequel

The two trolls stared blankly at the neat concrete pad standing in the center of a small clearing deep in the dense woodland. The area scribed by the cement was no more than fifteen feet to the side. The smaller, burlier of the trolls scratched his warty gray head […]



Presence of the Midnight Hound

The Midnight Hound came to me well after I had drifted into the warm embrace of my dreams. Though the soft radiance of the starry midnight sky was strong, it was the sound of scratching at my door, as well as a short bark, that ultimately woke me. I […]

Don’t See It, Feel It

‘’Living is easy with eyes closed.’’ — John Lennon I sat at the bar as I gulped the vodka that was left in the glass. The fiery liquid hurt my throat, but it didn’t really matter. I was rejected yet another time. I wanted to write, in newspapers or […]

ice cream

Introducing wordhaus Book Club

Hey there story lovers– Want even more great stories? Who are we kidding, of course you do. So do we. That’s why we’re introducing wordhaus Book Club. In this new club, you’ll enjoy great new fiction in the wordhaus genres you love, hand-picked by me, your friendly wordhaus editor. I’ve found […]

Last Orders

And I looked and behold, a pale horse And his name that sat on him was Death And Hell followed with him. –Revelation 6:8 “Time at the bar, gentlemen!” Gary rang the bell, signaling closing time at the Pale Horse. He loved to ring the bell–it was his nightly […]

science fiction short story